Characteristics of cargo elevator (hydraulic type)

ruipaiofficial    Characteristics of cargo elevator (hydraulic type)
This cargo lift machine provides fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to or from multi-storey buildings on the mezzanine, terrace, basement and between levels. They can be installed to pass the floor, machine components of internal or external application principle, including rails, cars and mechanical or hydraulic transmissions.

We offer the most complete lifting and loading design, from hydraulic to mechanical machinery, and manufacturing and storage operations for automated and fully automated custom systems. The available capacity of the machine ranges from 100kg to 100,000kg.

1. China lifting load lifting platform has different floors.

2. Chinese lifting platform - - - - Lifting chain and hydraulic drive.

3, lifting chain and has a long service life.

4. The height is close to the height, so it is not necessary to install a pit.

5. Open structure, safe and easy to clean.

6. Control the elevator system to ensure safety.

7. Lifetime: 12 months, we provide spare parts supply and technical support for free.

8. If you have any requirement, let us know the load capacity, height, size and platform.

Hydraulic load elevators elevate machinery and hydraulic lifting equipment, using hydraulic cylinders as the main power, and ensuring that they are absolutely safe through heavy chain and cable transmission. There are no graves or machine rooms, especially suitable for basements, warehouse renovations, new shelves, etc., with convenient installation, maintenance, convenience and safe operation. According to the actual production environment of the site.
Features of the track: 1, only a dozen centimeters to dig a pit, to ensure the comfort of the products, easy to install and use the device.
2, hydraulic cylinders, special heavy duty chains, cables, multiple protection, to ensure the safe operation and use of the equipment.
3, can not be with others, directly with the treatment of slopes, greatly facilitates the installation and use of space and equipment occasions.
The purpose of the railway elevator: with the prosperity of industry and commerce, logistics technology is increasingly showing its importance. In order to meet different needs and types of products, their functions are continuously improved. The load elevator uses advanced integrated elevator technology to produce load elevators that have reached dozens of types, both with a load capacity of 500 kg - 300. Whether traction or hydraulic, it is highly safe, reliable and easy to reach. use. The series of freight elevators can provide you with a safe, fluid and efficient service in different places of factories, warehouses, shopping centers, supermarkets, airports, train stations, etc.
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