how to use dog nail clippers

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How to use dog nail clippers
1. Grasp the nail base of the dog's paw with your hand. If it is a long-haired dog, tweak the hair in front of the toe so that the nail is fully exposed.

2. Use a special nail clipper for pets to trim perpendicular to the nail. The blade should be sharp and not sloppy when cutting.

3. Don't cut too much at one time, you can cut more frequently. In case you cut too much at one time, especially if the blood line is cut, it will bleed, and the dog will be afraid of cutting nails in the future.

4. The approximate length of the nail after cutting. If your dog is very patient, you can also use a nail file to file the tip of the nail that has just been trimmed.

5. There is a wolf claw near the dog's ankle, and this nail also needs to be trimmed. Some dogs may have their dewclaws amputated when they were young.

6. The principles and methods of dewclaw trimming are similar to trimming other nails. Sometimes it's very long and can be cut a little bit more.

7. Take a look at the nails that were cut at the end. They are very thick, so be sure to use special pet scissors and have sharp blades.

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