Company employees donate to new coronavirus epidemic area

ruipaiofficial    Company employees donate to new coronavirus epidemic area
In order to resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic, to win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, and to carry forward the fine tradition of "one party is in trouble and the eight parties support", Ruipai Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. recently called on all employees to make donations to fight the new coronavirus epidemic.
It is understood that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is still grim, and medical treatment tasks are very arduous. Preventing and controlling the epidemic is a blockade and a national action, and everyone should be consciously involved in it. Countless medical staff and staff who provide logistical support, She Xiaojia, is always on the front line of fighting against pneumonia, day and night. However, it is currently in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. The main problem is the lack of protective materials on the front line.
After learning about the current situation, Pu Rui Pai put forward proposals to all employees through the Internet. At the same time, the United Botou Red Cross Society advocated that all employees extend a helping hand, consolidate the positive energy of the city, actively participate in donation activities, and contribute to winning the fight against the epidemic.

This caring donation activity received positive response from all employees of Ruipai Company. The lift department, hydraulic freight elevator department, lifting platform department and forklift department of Ruipai Company all participated in the donation ceremony. As of February 7th, the donation amount of Huansheng College was RMB 8257.03, 25 cases of masks and medical supplies were purchased and donated to Wuhan epidemic area in time.
2020年2月13日 20:19