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Rail-type freight elevators hydraulic elevator

Hydraulic type freight elevator uses hydraulic drive, energy saving and environmental protection, easy maintenance and low failure rate. Various configurations can be added. Cargo lift saves labor and improves efficiency
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  • The rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator is suitable for the transportation of goods between industrial plants, warehouses and floors. Due to the low minimum height, it is suitable for industrial places where the cargo is heavy and the ground cannot be used as a foundation pit. At the same time, it does not require an upper lifting point.


    For the customer who can only provide reduced space, we will design a very effective load transfer platform, the hydraulics provide a fall protection function, mutual locking at the top and under the floors, the operation buttons are available on each floor and platform, which makes the operation very easy. The product is strong, high capacity, stable lifting and easy maintenance, which makes it the most ideal and economical load transfer equipment between the floors that occupies the place of the elevator. In accordance with the client's work environment, we provide optional configurations, mainly used in chemical, high temperature, high pressure, power plants and nuclear industries that are strictly requested in explosive proof companies.


    The maximum capacity of the 2-storey hydraulic lift / load elevator is 10t, the operator controls on different floors and platforms, the upper and lower mutual locking of the floors makes it quite safe. And you can get a very good height, the cylinders are on the sides, the operation is stable, makes no noise, is easy to maintain and has a long service life. There is a manual drop button in case of power failure, the emergency stop button is convenient and effective. The depth of the well is only 150-300 mm, if the well is not available, we will provide you with a ramp. Platform doors are also convenient and save space. It is very suitable for steel structure workshops of 2 to 5 floors, regardless of the interior or exterior. The power is from the famous company that is the joint venture of Germany and China. Our O-ring is imported from Japan, the NOK brand and other electrical parts can be selected by the customer.

    The 2-story hydraulic load elevator / elevator has the same safe function as the traditional elevator and, at the same time, there are the following safe devices: Overflow valve: to avoid overpressure of the system.
    Manual drop valve: when there is a power outage, which causes the platform to fall to a specific floor.
    Explosion-proof valve: when the oil hose is broken, the valve cuts the oil circuit to prevent the platform from falling too fast.
    Oil temperature protection: when the oil in the oil tank overheats, there will be a signal and you will stop using the lift, when the temperature drops, start over.

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