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Manual hydraulic platform truck Mobile lift truck Small lift platform truck

Small cargo transport lifting trolley, suitable for lifting and transporting heavy cargo
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    ・ Use and maintenance ・

    1. It is strictly forbidden to use overload or eccentric load at any time (please read the load capacity trend and warning signs posted on the body before use), the working environment temperature is 5C-45 ° C

    2. It is forbidden to put your hands and feet under the stacker at any time. When lifting and lowering the goods, it is strictly forbidden to stand on both sides of the dangerous area. When carrying the goods and walking, you should lower the goods before leaving, and be sure to unload the goods during adjustment and maintenance Operable below

    3. The stacker should be used on flat ground, and it is forbidden to lift heavy objects on inclined grounds or ramps.

    4.Special custom specifications such as widening, heightening, lengthening, etc., the actual tonnage should be 40% -50% lower than the marked load of the machine, the effective length of conventional cargo is 1000MM, the center of the load fork is 500mm, and the lifting height of the cargo ~ 1600MM to ≈3500MM

    5.After the handle is installed, the cargo needs to be reciprocated up and down 2-3 times during the whole stroke.Check whether the handle is neutral when the cargo is raised again, and whether the lowering is stable.If there is an abnormal phenomenon, adjust it according to the method described above.

    6.When the stacker lifts the cargo, it is forbidden to carry it for a long distance, and you should walk as slowly as possible and short distances, and lower it at a uniform speed when descending to prevent accidents.

    7. When the ambient temperature is -5 ℃ to 20C, please choose synthetic hydraulic oil. The added hydraulic oil must be clean to avoid affecting the normal working of the hydraulic system.

    8. After the stacker is used, add lubricating oil to each transmission part regularly, add ZU-2 anti-rust oil to the chain, and add ZU-2 temperature-resistant grease to the friction parts of bearings, rollers and columns.

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