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RUIPAI food elevator and Freight Elevator for restaurant

The factory direct sells restaurant food delivery machines in the catering industry, responsible for installation and commissioning. Price concessions and quality assurance. . Compared with the same industry, the price, the quality, and the service. When choosing a dish transfer machine, please look for a regular manufacturer. We Ruipai Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional freight eleva
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    Load capacity


    Stops No.

    2 floors

    Lift height


    Cabin size:


    Raw material

    stainless steel

    Normal speed:


    Power input:

    380 volts, 3 phases, 50 hz

    Dish transfer machine details
    The transfer ladder is generally divided into floor type and window type, which can provide fast, convenient and economical small cargo transportation, which greatly saves time and human resources for users.


    This type of dish transfer elevator can be directly leveled with the ground plane, users can choose different size cars according to their own needs. The user can send the trolley or dining cart directly into the car.


    This type of transfer ladder is flat at a certain height from the ground to form a working platform, which is level with the waist of the operator. It is suitable for users to transport small and lightweight items. The form is flexible and can be used in a variety of occasions.

    Function editing

    (1) Electric lock function:

    The base station call box is equipped with an electric lock for starting and closing the control loop of the elevator;

    (2) Operation fault protection function:

    When the normal running time is exceeded within 10 seconds, the elevator stops running to prevent burning the motor;

    (3) Fault self-display function:

    Display the diagnosed fault in code form;

    (4) Fault self-diagnosis function:

    Ability to diagnose failure phenomena and causes;

    (5) Self-recovery insurance function:

    If the control signal circuit is short-circuited, the fuse is automatically disconnected, and the fuse is automatically switched on when the fault is eliminated;

    (6) Contactor adhesion protection function:

    If the contact cannot be disconnected after the contactor coil is powered off, prevent re-operation to ensure safety;

    (7) Call answering function:

    Press the call button, the digital indicator on the called floor button is on, and the cancel indicator is off when you arrive at the station;

    (8) Beep alert function:

    With arrival buzzer alert function;

    (9) Door opening and closing status indication function:

    After the elevator runs to the station, the door is opened, the door opening status is displayed digitally and the elevator is reminded to be used in this floor;

    (10) Running direction display function:

    The running direction is displayed by the up and down illuminated arrows;

    (11) Floor display function:

    The floor where the elevator runs is displayed by digital;

    Use attention edit

    There are also a lot of ladders in life. It can save us a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, and make all problems so simple and light, and its use is very simple. Distribute the vegetable ladder. Here are some of the precautions and general requirements for using the transfer ladder:

    1. After working for a period of time, the dining ladder traction machine observes the oil window to fill the gear oil

    2. The guide rail of the dining ladder should be kept coated with grease to ensure smooth operation.

    3. Grease should be kept between the guide rope wheel and the shaft of the dining ladder to reduce wear and increase service life.

    4. The dining ladder prevents grease on the traction rope to prevent slipping

    5. After the dining ladder has been running for a period of time, when the leveling is not good, first check whether the brake brake clearance is correct and the clamping screws of the brake are loose. Then, adjust the position of the leveling magnetic sensor to ensure Leveling accuracy.

    6. When the landing door is stuck or cannot be opened, check whether the landing door lock is faulty, the sliding door clearance of the landing door or the landing door is slanting, or the door rope falls off the sheave chute.

    7. The door of the dining ladder opens or closes, and the occupancy indicator light does not change accordingly. Check whether the door interlock switch is faulty.

    8. The dining ladder needs to be overhauled every six months.

    Secondly, pay attention to the following aspects during the use of the elevator:

    I. General requirements for elevator use:

    1. The debris elevator is controlled by buttons outside the hall. There is no driver control. The elevator should be specially managed. The management personnel should be trained and technically evaluated. They must be familiar with and master the performance of the elevator used.

    2. The management personnel shall promptly report the elevator operation and existing problems to the maintenance personnel, and shall cooperate with and follow the instructions of the maintenance personnel when performing the inspection and maintenance.

    3. The elevator machine room should be managed by a special person, the door of the machine room should be locked, and the machine room should be kept clean and should not be stacked with debris, especially flammable items, and no accommodation staff.

    4. Non-maintenance personnel and management personnel shall not enter the machine room, car roof and pit at will.

    5. There should be a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher in the engine room.

    6. The elevator has been stopped for a long period of time due to some reasons. The power switch in the machine room should be turned off. During the typhoon tide, the management personnel should remove the elevator from the ground floor.

    7. Management personnel and users should strictly grasp the load capacity of the elevator and not allow it to be overloaded.

    Second, the precautions when using the elevator:

    1. Before use, check whether the electric lock of the door is invalid and the execution of the order registration outside the hall is correct.

    2. The lighting equipment in the car must have appropriate brightness, and the elevator must turn on the lighting equipment during use time.

    3. Do not plug the door interlock and door electric lock switch with any sundries to make it invalid and frequently connected.

    4. No other objects shall be placed on the car roof except for maintenance personnel during maintenance.

    5. The load should be placed in the middle of the car as securely as possible, and the falling of objects during operation should be avoided.

    3. The elevator should be stopped when the following faults occur:

    1. When it is found that the hall door of the freight elevator is not closed, the elevator cannot start when the order button outside the hall is registered.

    2. When the car exceeds the end station working position under normal load and continues to run until the limit switch is turned on, the car stops.

    3. When touching any metal part of the elevator, if there is any electric shock.

    4. When the insulation of electrical components is found and odor due to scorch occurs due to overheating.

    5. After the hall door is closed, press the floor selection button, but the elevator fails to start normally.

    6. When the freight elevator car is running, if abnormal noise, vibration, shock, etc. are found.

    Product parameter editing

    1. Freight elevator type: Bo Peng Chuan Cai Lad. Rated load: 50-300Kg3, Rated speed: 0.4-1.0m / 4, Number of floors: 2-24 floors 5. Drag method: Traction, single speed (optional) 6. Control system: microcomputer (optional PLC7, control method: call outside the door 8, hoistway structure: no hoistway frame type, hoistway type 9, doorway type: work bench, floor level both 10 Door opening direction: single-sided door opening, through door opening (front-to-back facing), and side-opening door. 11. Door opening type: vertical center door, guillotine door (upward), revolving door 12, car door type: vertical center (Optional) 13. Elevator guide rail: Elevator dedicated solid rail (optional T-rail) 14. Control wire connection method: connector 15. Door guide rail: special aluminum profile

    16. Material of freight elevator: Car, landing door and door cover are made of French stainless steel

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