ruipaiofficial    货梯    Fixed hydraulic scissor lifting platform /1-5T scissor lift

Fixed hydraulic scissor lifting platform /1-5T scissor lift

Ruipai's fixed scissor lift is the ideal equipment for loading and unloading goods.
$ 20000.00

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  • Ruipai's fixed scissor lift is the ideal equipment for loading and unloading goods.

    The lowest platform height can make loading and unloading of goods more convenient, and personnel can easily load and unload goods. Its load capacity is 300kg-3000kg.

    It is widely used in warehouses, logistics, factories, small shops and other places to help people move wooden or plastic pallets, goods and materials, etc.

    Descripción del producto: El elevador de tijera fijo es un elevador hidráulico especial para el transporte de mercancías entre edificios. Si el tamaño del uso es grande, se puede usar el elevador hidráulico fijo de doble trampa. El levantamiento de doble alcance es estable y la capacidad de carga es grande. Fácil de operar. Los productos se transportan principalmente hacia arriba y hacia abajo con mercancías de varias capas de trabajo. El coche se levanta en el garaje tridimensional y en el garaje subterráneo. El sistema hidráulico del producto está equipado con dispositivos de protección contra caídas y protección contra sobrecargas. Los botones de operación se pueden colocar en cada piso y en la mesa elevadora para realizar un control multipunto. La estructura del producto es robusta, fácil de instalar y mantener, y es un equipo ideal de transporte de carga para ascensores económicos y prácticos de reemplazo de piso bajo. De acuerdo con el entorno de instalación y los requisitos de uso del ascensor, elija diferentes configuraciones opcionales para lograr un mejor uso.

    Scope of application: It is suitable for loading and unloading warehouses, workshops, cars and containers. You do not need to install loading platforms, steel frames, etc., and it can be loaded and unloaded directly from the ground. The professionally designed mobile slab can easily overlap the car, forklift and manual oil pressure. The forklift can perform loading and unloading operations comfortably and without problems. The balance of the belt torsion spring makes the operation easy and free. The platform and the ground level after the operation, and the floor space is not occupied, and the passage of the passage is not affected.


    Precautions for the safe use of fixed elevators:

     1. The fixed type has been inspected and tested before leaving the factory, and all technical indicators have reached the design requirements. The cable must only be grounded when the installation is complete. Hydraulic and electrical systems do not need to be adjusted.

     2. Carefully check the hydraulic and electrical systems before using them. No leaks or exposed exposure can be used.

    3. The elevator can operate 1-3 times in the air.

    4. When transporting cargo, try to be in the center of the work surface.

     5. The mobile door at both ends of the railing must be locked and locked.

     6. The user has different requirements for the use of the hydraulic lift, and the way of controlling the lift is different.

    Pre-sale Service

    1.We can customize products according to client's demand.Many styles of tower crane for  your  choices.

    2.Good Quality + Factory Price + Quick Response + Reliable Service, is what we are trying best to offer you

    3. All of our products are produce by our professional workman and we have our high-work-effect foreign trade team, you can totally believe our service.  

    4. We have more than11 year experience in design and manufacture,  we cherish every order from our honor.
    After you choose

    1. We will count cheapest shipping cost and make invoice to you at once.

    2. Test each machine before delivery to ensure plants quality, then send out to you after your payment.

    3. our engineers are available to guide the operators abroad.
    After-sale choose

    1. We are very glad that customer give us some suggestion for price and products.

    2. If you have any question,please contact us freely by E-mail or Telephone.

    If you are interested in our products, please contact me.

    1. Minimum Order Quantity?

    MOQ is One set.

    2. What kind of terms of payment?

    T/T, L/C, D/A,D/P, Western Union are available.

    3. How long does it usually take to deliver the product?

    The production period is 30days to 60days.We'll make the shipment to you soon. Accurate delivery time depends on the specific quantity.

    4. Quotation request:

    If you are interested in our products, please provide the following parameters:

    1) Lift height  (m)

    2)  Load capacity (kg)

    3) platform size (mm)

    4) Local power supply (kV, Hz)

    5) Other special equipments

    We will provide best price once confirmed the above.

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