ruipaiofficial    宠物用品    Ruipai Pet Grooming Brush - Double Sided Shedding and Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb for Dogs and Cats,Extra Wide

Ruipai Pet Grooming Brush - Double Sided Shedding and Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb for Dogs and Cats,Extra Wide

Dual-Sided Design: Start with 9 teeth side for stubborn mats and tangles and finish with 17 teeth side for thinning and deshedding. Achieve faster and more professional dematting and grooming results
    Skin Friendly to Your Pets: Our Dematting Brush is designed with Sharpened but Fine Rounded Teeth, allows you easily and safely remove mats, tangles, knots, loose hair without irritation or s
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  • Effective solution to all your pet’s hair problems like shedding, tangling and matted

    WORKS LIKE A CHARM - A Must Try All in One Pet Grooming Brush (Large Size)

    You will be amazed at how much hair will come off after a single use! Imagine how your dog will love the new healthy and shiny coat after having a grooming session with our grooming tool. Our undercoat rake dramatically reduces shedding by up to 90% after just 1 short session.Perfect for matted, heavy shedding undercoats and extra fur.

    Benifits from our Grooming Tool:

    ✓ Multi-purpose grooming tool - Dual head design -the 9 teeth side is perfect for removing mats, tangles and knots, and 17 teeth side is best suited for thinning and deshedding loose hair.

    ✓ Stop pulling the hair out - Slightly sharpened blades smoothly cut through the toughest mats.

    ✓ Reduce shedding regular brushing removes excess dead hair from your pet's undercoat,leave you a clean and hair-free home.

    ✓ 100% Safe for your furry friends - Rounded ends teeth do not scratch or irritate the skin.

    ✓ Our dematting comb will leave your pet’s fur sleek, shiny and healthy,

    ✓ Perfect for dogs,cats,horses and rabbits with short, medium and long coat.

    Perfect for Most of Furry Pet:


    • Dog Breeds:Labrador,Husky,Golden Retriever,Shiba Inu,Aussiedoodle,Beagle,Pitbull,Bulldog,Schnauzer,Chihuahua,Poodle,Yorkie,Rottweiler,


    German Shepherd,Newfoundland,Great Dane,Cairn Terrier,Pomeranian,Great Pyrenees,Shih Tzu,Boxer,Blue Heeler,Bloodhound,Chow Chow,Samoyed,Alaskan,Corgi,Bichon Frise


    • Cat Breeds:American Shorthair,Maine Coon,Ragdoll,Persian,Maine Coon,British Shorthair,Siamese,Exotic,Abyssinian,Birman,Bengal,Himalayan,Domestic Long Hair,Norwegian Forest,Scottish Fold,Siberian
    • Others:Rabbits,Ferrets,etc...
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